Introducing the W&B Team

Wendy and Doug Lalli have been married long enough to qualify for anniversary gifts of silver. Through the years they’ve collaborated on several writing projects, not to mention raising a brilliant son whose photography can be seen on this site and rescuing an Australian Shepherd named Kevin. Below are some more details about their background and work.
Wendy and Doug

Wendy Lalli - Principal

Wendy started her writing career in New York as a junior writer at Marsteller, Inc. After she met Doug and they decided to marry, they moved to Wendy’s hometown of Philadelphia. She worked for several large agencies there and became a senior writer in the marketing department of a major financial company in Wilmington, DE for over seven years.

In 1996, the family relocated to Chicago when Wendy accepted a leadership position with a large midwestern firm. When the agency suffered a reversal and had to cut staff, she established her own business, Wendy Lalli, Ltd. For over twenty years she has created print and digital communications for a wide range of B2B and B2C clients in finance, healthcare, education and more.

Her main talent is helping businesses develop powerful brands and communicate the benefits they offer to their target markets. These communications include everything from brochures, print ads and video scripts to copy content, social media campaigns and blogs.

Wendy has also taught copywriting at Columbia College, worked as a recruiter and outplacement counselor, run a marketing group for the Chicago Southland Chamber of Congress and written business advice columns for both the Chicago Sun Times and the Chicago Tribune. She currently is delighted to develop marketing strategies and copy for some very interesting and appreciative clients.

Doug Lalli - Principal

After receiving his B.A. in English from the University of Hartford (CT), Doug went straight into the workforce as a proofreader with Eastern Typesetting Company in Hartford. A couple of years later he moved to New York City and took a position as a copy staff assistant with American Management Associations.

His marketing experience continued when he became a direct-mail copywriter, first with American Elsevier and then with Springer-Verlag—each a small publisher of scientific books and journals. While still employed at Springer-Verlag he began his own freelance proofreading/editorial services company.

Over the years Doug has not only edited the work of others but authored three novels, a novella, a collection of short stories, and several one-act plays. He also is a composer and lyricist and a highly talented jazz musician.

Now at Words & Beyond, LLC, he leads the agency's proofreading/editorial services and also coaches students and older writers who want to improve their writing skills.

Professional Partnerships

In addition to offering marketing strategy, brand development and copy content, Words & Beyond LLC  partners with two other businesses in the creation of graphics and digital design — VHK Graphics and JellyNeck solutions. This arrangement allows clients access to expert and experienced talent at a more affordable rate than a larger agency might offer.  Words & Beyond also provides project management, original scripts, storyboards and casting services for Video productions as well.

By the way, this site was designed and built by CJ Jelinek of JellyNeck Solutions! He's a joy to work with and we're delighted with his work! To find out more about CJ and Gini Kondziolka of VHK Graphics please click on the videos below:

Gini Kondziolka
Gini is an extraordinarily talented Graphic Designer who has not only worked on all types of corporate projects but exhibit graphics and educational materials for museums and institutions.  She designs business cards, brochures, booklets, corporate ID/branding, letterheads, advertising, signage and even her own line of jewelry. But Gini’s special gift is her ability to collaborate on projects to produce the best possible marketing solution for every client.

CJ Jelinek
CJ’s creativity, technical knowledge and understanding of client needs makes him the perfect combination of art director, web designer and inventor. He’s created a web platform especially for small businesses that’s a version of a content management system. It allows clients to make changes and additions to their sites on their sites instead of in a text box. CJ also maintains the site for clients for a nominal cost. Last but not least, he has excellent taste and understands the importance of visual appeal to the overall customer experience.


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